Always at the station

Waiting for my train

Amid the bustling commuters

As crowds wax and wane


I can’t remember how long it’s been

I can’t even remember why,

I just know that I’m waiting

And time still passes by


I try not to notice Them

To simply sit and wait

I pray the train comes soon

Or it might be too late

– Miengha


The World is Harsh

The world is harsh my child
She whispers to her babe
With the weather raging
She tucks it under her cape

The world is cruel, little one
She coos at one so small
She holds it tight to run
Away from the fires maul

The world is cold, boy
She scolds one so young
Grabbing away the toy
And no pretty words sung

The world is greedy, teen
She suddenly raises her voice
Hands over the food to soldiers
As if they had another choice

The world is hopeless, man
She screams and shouts
Frail in her small straw bed
Weathering the storm and blackouts

The world is lonely, my son
She rasps to one so tall
With a tear down her face
She dies before nightfall


– Wisaal


There was this calling
This never ending cry
That seemed to haunt her
Never passing her by

She took it upon herself
To feed the thing that did call
And as she did so
She felt herself grow infinitely small

She wore it as her armor
Wore that tattered disgusting thing
And when the people mocked
She started to die slowly within

She told herself it would stop
That tomorrow it would end
All things would be okay
And she would finally mend

Years upon years went by
As she fed the creature within
The cry that she could not ignore
Her personal brand of sin

She came towards her last days
With all her wealth around
Realising it was too late
She felt herself fall to the ground

She had been consumed by it
This cry in her mind
And here at the end she found
What she had never been able to find

She couldnt hear it
There was no cry, no more
The greed that was within her
No longer did it rage and roar

She grieved for the time she spent
Following material things
For none of these objects
Were warm living beings

She was without love
Had done no loving deed
So all she sat with now
Was her own suffocating greed


– Wisaal

Dark Spot


I remember the fireworks that day
With my hands clasped in yours
I felt a strange stirring
A bittersweet force

As I looked at you
With sparkles in your eyes
I felt a glimmer of hope
Wiping away all the lies

They were bright and loud
Flashing in the night
I held onto your hand
Held on with all my might

I remember the fireworks that day
After you saved me from me
You planted a seed of hope
As if it were all meant to be

They danced across the sky
As if they were happy to play
They hissed and cried
As if they could chase the day away

I remember the fireworks that day
When my heart you moved
Even if for a moment
The dark spot on it was removed

I’d never felt such a feeling
It welled up inside my chest
Tears strolled down my cheeks
I could no longer feel pain on my breast

I remembered the fireworks that day
When the news came to my ear
It was was too harsh
More than I could ever fear

No longer were you in this world
You had left me all alone
Where you had once filled with colour
There was nothing but dull monotone

I remembered the fireworks that day
As I felt a pain I had long forgot
And all i could do was welcome
That familiar dark spot

– Wisaal


Sometimes I get lost in there

It’s full of amazing things

Daring sword fights, magic spells

A place of princes and kings

It’s always filled with colour

Especially when it’s dark

A world of of naught but wonder

Where I always leave my mark

Sword fights for my attention

With dark spells as my curse

Saved through daring means

The center of that universe

Sometimes it gets lonely

Sometimes I lose my way

And get lost in the crevasses

That haunt my day to day

I always make it back though

I always find the light

No matter how far I travel

Through the dead of night

– Miengha


He is a plague
On the dreams of all
Turning them to nightmares
Big or small

The creature in the dark
The monster under the bed
The scary figure
Inside your head

He keeps you up
Night and day
And one thing you know
You can never run away

The most horrible thing
Of which you can think
And when you hear his name
Your heart simply sinks

He is the one and only
The plague of the land
He is your worst nightmare
He is the Boogieman

– Kauthar

Moment lost

And sweet
Like a gentle touch
Or a racing heartbeat

And shy
With a hunger
That won’t pass by

And fire
Just flailing about
With a feverish desire

And frail
A moment gone
Without a single trail

In vain
For the moment
To come yet again

– Wisaal

I’ll Keep on Smiling

If you ask me if I’m okay
I’ll tell you I’m fine thank you
I’ll put on a real big smile
And ask are you too?

As each day goes by
My heart feels more sorrow
But ask me how I’m doing
I’ll say “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

Losing things you care about
Isn’t an easy thing
And yet I will still smile
No matter what sadness fate may bring

My heart is broken
Shattered you see
But you won’t look past the smile
At the person that’s truly me

I wish I could tell you
What’s going on in my life
But I’ve been cut too deep
By a truth bringing knife

My eyes have finally opened
To the path as clear as day
I’m not worth that much to anyone
But I guess it’s okay

In life you can’t expect it all
Some things need to go
Even those you think you’d have forever
Are meant to slow

You can’t see through my mask
I’ll let you in now and then
But not even you can see the real me
Not even could my closest friends

Because I just keep on smiling
And grin through the pain
And as long as everyone else is happy
I have everything to gain

– Kauthar


Do I speak? Do I say?
Do I let the words
Fall as they may?

Do I whisper it? Do I shout?
Tell me what I do
Tell me what I talk about

Do I listen? Do I let them hear?
Give me some direction
I am paralysed with fear

Would you listen? Hear my words?
I can’t go on like this
Being constantly misheard

I want you to listen. I want to speak out
But the words always fade away
Lost in my own shout

– Miengha



Faceless people
Through a revolving door
Shattered glass
Litters the floor

Their steps don’t waver
They never pause
They’re all the same
Journeys without cause

Heads held down
They have no names
Bodies of plastic
Souls of shame

I glance at a shard
Dread grips my chest
I’m just as Faceless
As the rest

– Miengha