Before the End

Only two months left they tell him
Tears spring to my eyes
I clutch at my chest
The truth can no longer be disguised

I can’t bear to look
What could I possibly say?
How could I form the words?
That everything will be okay

So I build up my walls
So high and so thick
I will be unmovable, strong
That should do the trick

As the days roll by
I shut away my breaking heart
I smile away the tears
And refuse to fall apart

I watch him grow weaker
So thin and so frail
Coming and going
A ghost, leaving no trail

I lock up my heart
And throw away the key
I will not break
This will not break me

I will support him
With encouragement and smiles
I will show him comfort
No one needs reminiscent wiles

Until his last days
He can’t move from the bed
He calls to me
Pulls me in and cradles my head

“Honey” he tells me
“These walls around your heart,
Tell me you love me,
Tell me you will miss me when we part”

“Speak to me of the days we lived
Of the happy times we had
Of the sad times, all of it
The good and the bad”

“I want to hear your voice
I want to talk of the end
I want to know
That you can mend”

Tears streamed down my face
And the walls came apart
And I cried at the pain
I had locked in my heart

And there we spoke
On the softness of our bed
We spoke of happiness, sadness, love
Of the past and the fabled times ahead

Those last days he lived
Filled me up more than the days before
And that’s how my heart could mend
Right before the end

– Wisaal


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