There was this calling
This never ending cry
That seemed to haunt her
Never passing her by

She took it upon herself
To feed the thing that did call
And as she did so
She felt herself grow infinitely small

She wore it as her armor
Wore that tattered disgusting thing
And when the people mocked
She started to die slowly within

She told herself it would stop
That tomorrow it would end
All things would be okay
And she would finally mend

Years upon years went by
As she fed the creature within
The cry that she could not ignore
Her personal brand of sin

She came towards her last days
With all her wealth around
Realising it was too late
She felt herself fall to the ground

She had been consumed by it
This cry in her mind
And here at the end she found
What she had never been able to find

She couldnt hear it
There was no cry, no more
The greed that was within her
No longer did it rage and roar

She grieved for the time she spent
Following material things
For none of these objects
Were warm living beings

She was without love
Had done no loving deed
So all she sat with now
Was her own suffocating greed


– Wisaal


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