Always at the station

Waiting for my train

Amid the bustling commuters

As crowds wax and wane


I can’t remember how long it’s been

I can’t even remember why,

I just know that I’m waiting

And time still passes by


I try not to notice Them

To simply sit and wait

I pray the train comes soon

Or it might be too late

– Miengha



Sometimes I get lost in there

It’s full of amazing things

Daring sword fights, magic spells

A place of princes and kings

It’s always filled with colour

Especially when it’s dark

A world of of naught but wonder

Where I always leave my mark

Sword fights for my attention

With dark spells as my curse

Saved through daring means

The center of that universe

Sometimes it gets lonely

Sometimes I lose my way

And get lost in the crevasses

That haunt my day to day

I always make it back though

I always find the light

No matter how far I travel

Through the dead of night

– Miengha


Do I speak? Do I say?
Do I let the words
Fall as they may?

Do I whisper it? Do I shout?
Tell me what I do
Tell me what I talk about

Do I listen? Do I let them hear?
Give me some direction
I am paralysed with fear

Would you listen? Hear my words?
I can’t go on like this
Being constantly misheard

I want you to listen. I want to speak out
But the words always fade away
Lost in my own shout

– Miengha



Faceless people
Through a revolving door
Shattered glass
Litters the floor

Their steps don’t waver
They never pause
They’re all the same
Journeys without cause

Heads held down
They have no names
Bodies of plastic
Souls of shame

I glance at a shard
Dread grips my chest
I’m just as Faceless
As the rest

– Miengha