He is a plague
On the dreams of all
Turning them to nightmares
Big or small

The creature in the dark
The monster under the bed
The scary figure
Inside your head

He keeps you up
Night and day
And one thing you know
You can never run away

The most horrible thing
Of which you can think
And when you hear his name
Your heart simply sinks

He is the one and only
The plague of the land
He is your worst nightmare
He is the Boogieman

– Kauthar


I’ll Keep on Smiling

If you ask me if I’m okay
I’ll tell you I’m fine thank you
I’ll put on a real big smile
And ask are you too?

As each day goes by
My heart feels more sorrow
But ask me how I’m doing
I’ll say “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

Losing things you care about
Isn’t an easy thing
And yet I will still smile
No matter what sadness fate may bring

My heart is broken
Shattered you see
But you won’t look past the smile
At the person that’s truly me

I wish I could tell you
What’s going on in my life
But I’ve been cut too deep
By a truth bringing knife

My eyes have finally opened
To the path as clear as day
I’m not worth that much to anyone
But I guess it’s okay

In life you can’t expect it all
Some things need to go
Even those you think you’d have forever
Are meant to slow

You can’t see through my mask
I’ll let you in now and then
But not even you can see the real me
Not even could my closest friends

Because I just keep on smiling
And grin through the pain
And as long as everyone else is happy
I have everything to gain

– Kauthar

The Old Wooden Door

Beautifully crafted mahogany
Not a splinter to be seen
Yet rotted with age
It gives a shining gleam

The hinges creak
Covered in rust
The golden doorknob
Caked in dust

The grain runs parallel
To one another
And I know
It’s older than my grandmother

But there is one thing
I know for sure
Is that I’m going to miss
That Old Wooden Door

– Kauthar


He rode on a great stallion
A man in a cloak of black
He took me on his steed
And we never looked back

The path was long and narrow
With thorny thickets everywhere
He manoeuvred around them
As if they were not there

We tread on the tedious path
Not once did we rest
He did not even stop
For his horse’s heaving breast

I thought of my friend
In the village of old
And my brethren
Now fighting the bitter cold

I almost smiled sadly
As fate became clear
And from my once dry eyes
Came forth a silver tear

Not a word was passed
But we enjoyed each other’s company
We then rode into the darkness
Into eternity

– Kauthar